Push for EP single seat grows stronger


Added: 16.10.2013

The idea that the European Parliament should have one single seat, rather than three working locations is growing stronger and uniting more and more MEPs every day now.

After earlier this week the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament decided that the parliamentary institution of the European Union should have the right to decide where and when it meets, today a steering group of over 20 MEPs launched a pledge calling for commitment by candidates who will run also in the upcoming election in May 2014 to work for greater efficiency by demanding an end to the European Parliament's three working places arrangement.

The pledge is, however, different from the suggestion which the parliamentarians in the Constitutional Affairs Committee had to deal with in the sense that it says the logical single seat of the EP should is in Brussels.

The call is part of the Single Seat Campaign launched a couple of years ago and aiming at cutting the extra costs of €180 million and 19,000 tonnes of CO2 which keeping half of the Parliamentary staff in Luxembourg costs the European budget each year.

Czech MEP Edvard Kožušník, who is part of the steering group for the single seat campaign, has sent out letters to the leaders of EU member states, asking whether they would be willing to initiate and promote a change in primary law of the EU and give the European Parliament the power to decide on the location of its seat, ultimately supporting a reduction of its current three seats to one. 

According to the responses received so far, the majority of heads of states and governments,including the leaders of the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal have a positive position on the review of the contracts towards a single seat of the EP.

By Stanislava Gaydazhieva for New Europe


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