Do not vote for the abolition of the U.S. embargo against Cuba, Kožušník calls upon the government


Added: 29.10.2013

This Tuesday, the UN General Assembly will be voting on its 68th Session about the 53 years-long economic embargo against Cuba. According to the Czech MEP Edvard Kožušník, who has been dedicated to the issue of Cuba for a long time, this is a theatre for the public, by which Cuba is trying to pass the blame for its economic and social problems to the United States.

“The very voting is an annual folklore in the United Nations. This year, I believe, the same voting will be held for the twenty-second time. The Cuban communist regime is trying to create the global illusion that all the wrongdoing that is happening on this Caribbean island is attributable to the United StatesKožušník said. He believes it is undignified for the Czech Republic to be actively involved in the adoption of this declaration. “The result of the vote will have no effect whatsoever on whether the U.S. embargo is lifted or not. If the United States finally decided to lift the embargo, the lives of ordinary Cubans would not improve at all. The only one to benefit from the inflow of the U.S. dollar would be the communist officials of the Cuban regime and high-ranking military officials as the army is in control of most of Cuba's foreign trade. The last thing the totalitarian Cuban regime wants is that the embargo is actually lifted as the regime’s external enemy would be lost for good. The Czech Republic should not let be drawn into this Cuban game on the evil USA and good Cuba, and should either reject the resolution or at least abstain from voting; it is undignified for us”, Czech MEP emphasized.

Kožušník has been dedicated to the issue of human rights in Cuba for a long time. In the European Parliament he has taken the initiative for the Sakharov Prize to be awarded to the Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas

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